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Simulator Acquisition

Do you understand what you want your simulator to do? And does your RFQ properly reflect your requirement? Our expert knowledge in this field will ensure you get the best from the simulator supplier — from the planning stage through to final site acceptance. SimServices will evaluate and rank manufacturers responses. Does each manufacturers offer a current state-of-the-art solution? Do manufacturers offer (and quote) for elements you don’t need?

Sim Services can write such primary acquisition documents as:

  • Requests for Proposals,
  • System Requirements Documents,
  • Specifications Statements of Work,
  • Instructions to manufactures,
  • Evaluation Criteria,
  • Planning and specification development for required Training equipment
  • Negotiation assistance with Simulator Equipment Manufacturers
  • Oversight services throughout the manufacturing process
  • Inspection and Acceptance test guide

All simulator manufacturers strive to build the best training equipment possible and try to meet and exceed the customers’ expectations. The manufacturer can do only so much to reach these goals. Knowing what you need and how it translates to simulator capability can be tricky. SimServices provides the guidance and assistance needed from your side of the project that is knowledgeable and reactive to the manufacturer’s proposals. Without a concerted effort, even the best attempts on the manufacturer’s side results in not meeting the goals of your company. That’s why we are here.
SimServices has assisted startup airlines and Independent Training Centers with procuring the best equipment at the best cost to meet their needs. This is truly one case where the money spent on consulting fees results in savings in multiples compared to the fees charged.
In the process of overseeing the equipment procurement and assisting with formal acceptance of the equipment, SimServices has the opportunity to advise the customer on what will be required to operate and maintain the devices. Assistance is available to point out specific organizational needs as they pertain to a particular procured device and point out where and how the simulator manufacturer can assist in these issues.


SimServices can provide a detailed flight simulator technical survey. This would include a full review of the simulators capability, performance and potential qualification level together with recommendations in accordance with the report given. Appraisals begin by gathering data from past experiences and transactions, public and private industry intelligence, equipment inspections and evaluations, interviews, and documentation examinations to formulate a current market value to Simulator equipment. The appraisal includes a market and industry overview and analysis, provided to analyze any particular equipment’s value as relates to industry shortages, surpluses, or future market demand.
SimServices experts visit the device, conduct an exhaustive maintenance and engineering inspection of the device, and develop a Technical Analysis which is further developed in the appraisal to more accurately assign a market value to the device.

Facility Design

SimServices personnel have been active in the Simulator-specific facility design for 20 years. Facility designs from single simulator installation facilities to one with the capability to house multiple simulators have been provided by SimServices.
With an extensive knowledge of many simulator facilities throughout the world, Sim Services can develop plans for simulator facilities which vary according to the following needs:

  1. Customer budgeting
  2. The need for “generic” designs to accommodate varied simulator designs
  3. Future expansion needs
  4. Environmental needs
  5. “Customer Satisfaction” features
  6. Facility goals (eg., airline private vs contract training type business)
  7. Equipment installation and removal costs
  8. Reduced recurring facility costs

Organizational and Training Consulting


It’s long been recognized that a flight simulator can be one of the largest profit centers a pilot training center can have. Pilots trained in a simulator retained 93% of the training session as opposed to 17% in the actual aircraft. Management making the decision to purchase a simulator understands its value and profitability. But many times that profitability is in the hands of untrained and unmotivated instructors. SimServices believes training management and instructor personnel is just as important as the purchase of the simulator itself. We offer training programs in the operator facility on their own equipment that will enhance management and instructors understanding — increasing the value and use of training a simulator to their company. These courses are also very helpful to a company buying a simulator for the first time.

Introduction to flight simulators

Flight simulators for instructors

Flight simulator valuation


SimServices is able to assist an organization in determining what their operational needs may be. SimServices can go into existing or start-up simulator operations entities, analyze the operations, equipment, budgets, and processes and advise these entities as to how they can improve efficiencies, reduce costs, or provide a better product.
Many entities starting out in simulator operations or those who find themselves changing the entire nature of their organization can often benefit from an outside consultant coming in and studying the operation from an outsider’s viewpoint. Then the results of that analysis can be put into perspective and compared to other operations. A set of suggestions or an overall plan can be provided. This includes staffing, budgeting, equipment disposition, and even manpower resource allocation and training.

Technical Evaluations

SimServices can provide a detailed flight simulator technical survey. This would include a full review of the simulators capability, performance and potential qualification level together with recommendations in accordance with the report given. SimServices has conducted Simulator evaluations, for Operators, Buyers, Sellers, and Financial Entities. The Technical Evaluation is also often conducted when a customer is interested in purchasing an operating device. SimServices valuates the condition of the equipment in detail. The results of the inspection are then analyzed. These include such things as updates to obsolete equipment, modifications to the device to support the Buyer’s training program, and suggestions as to alterations which will help make the operation more economical in the future. As with appraisals, the Technical Evaluations can be offered at many levels of complexity and cost. The most common Technical Evaluation is conducted in the form of a “Baseline Inspection”. This is done when a simulator is to be relocated. SimServices establishes the operating baseline of the device which can be used after the relocation and commissioning is complete to ensure contract compliance of a “turnkey” relocation.

Marketing & Sales consulting for the aviation industry

SimServices provides a full range of marketing and sales consulting services for aviation companies, including marketing communications, in-house sales, advertising, promotions, strategic planning, branding, marketing plans, public relations, web development, online marketing.
Being pilots ourselves, we have a love of aviation and an excellent understanding of the aviation industry. We have extensive experience in all aspects of marketing, advertising, sales and promotion and can handle any marketing project you require.
SimServices can manage all aspects of your marketing and sales initiatives from concept to full implementation. Our hands-on approach to marketing and sales means that you can focus on client relations and operations while we enhance and expand your business with a professional and cost-effective marketing and sales program.