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About Us

SimServices Consultants


Bob Mitchelson ( Mitch)

SimServices is an international simulator consulting company headquartered in Port Orange Florida USA. SimServices has been assisting customers throughout the Aviation industry for over 39 years meeting the growing demand for objective advice and viable information on simulator acquisition, management, sales and Marketing.

What can we do for you?

  • Simulator Needs Analysis
  • Simulator Acquisition
  • Simulator Sales
  • Simulator Sales & Marketing
  • Simulator Management
  • Simulator Flight Department Organization and Training
  • FAA Certification

Our Way of Thinking

The guiding principle is to offer our customers only the services they really need. We can adapt our products and services to whatever the need may be. Assistance with buying or selling simulators and other flight training equipment is provided either as a Seller-Broker or as a Buyer Representative role. The relationship is always structured to meet the customers’ situation. All transactions or pending transactions are held in strict confidence while we help you evaluate the benefits or risks in acquiring a new or pre-owned Simulator.

When considering purchasing a simulator and setting it up for training, SimServices will assist your company  from the beginning of the search for a training device through, writing the RFQ and Acceptance Test Guide, purchasing the device, relocation, facility design, setting up the simulator operation, customizing the simulator to required training needs and certifying authority standards. SimServices will even recruit trained staff in order for the simulator operation to get off to a good start.  Your needs, our solutions! can save you time and money.

Our Qualifications

Robert “Mitch” Mitchelson has spent nearly his entire life in the field of civilian aviation.

Mitch has had more than twenty years of airline, corporate, and general aviation training experience.  More than half of his experience includes the management, production, sales and marketing of flight simulation and other general aviation products.

His experience includes a period as senior line captain for Cape and Islands Airlines (Cape Cod, Massachusetts). a Boeing 727 flight engineer and first officer aboard a Fairchild FH227 for the Airlines.

He spent many years as a flight instructor as a corporate and  charter pilot.  Mitch has over 14,000 hours flying time, in single, multi-engine, turboprop and jet aircraft. He is a Certified Flight and Ground School Instructor, FAA Flight Safety Counselor and a former Navy Air Traffic Controller.

Mitch became involved with simulator and simulator training early in his career. And was the founder of:

Educational Training Associates (ETA)
Aviation Simulation technology (AST)
SimCom Systems
Simplex Training

Mitch founded and was president of Educational Training Associates (ETA). One of ETA’s main lines of business was a distributorship for flight simulators (manufactured by Analog Training Computers, Inc.) and other aviation products.

Mitch sold ETA to Pacer Systems and joined Pacer as a sales and product manager. Responsible for selling the MKII General Aviation Flight Simulator, he was instrumental in the design and development of the Unit.

Mitch founded Aviation Simulation Technology. His company became the leading simulation company in general aviation His responsibilities at AST included the conceptual design of the present and future simulator lines, establishment of national and international sales programs, market evaluation, customer and product requirements, competitive pricing, and technical sales literature and warranties. creating commercial bids and interfacing with the FAA at all levels.

Mitch sold AST to found SimCom. Mitch steered SimCom through the research and development stage in bringing the simulator and the training center to a full test and operational state. Mitch’s responsibilities included  simulator conceptual design and building a  new 25,000 sq. ft. training facility.  He directed the operations segment of SimCom as well as production of five simulators and the production of the computer generated visual systems. His responsibilities also included establishment of the sales, marketing, training and customer relations at SimCom.

Mitch has served as a consultant for several aviation companies, including Airlines where he was a sales/marketing consultant and a pilot recruiter. Mitch was instrumental in the development of the first officer training program that started with eight First officers and grew to over 200 First officers enrolled. He placed hundreds with regional airlines during his employment.

Mitch as a consultant developed a training center for a Regional Airline and with unique program curriculum designed to produce the most prepared and highest skilled First Officers for a career in the airline industry, using C-90 turbine aircraft with a lot of emphasis on simulation. The training program received national recognition as one of the best training programs in the country.

Mitch founded Simplex Training a simulator Complex in Port Orange, Florida which had two focuses.  One was to offer initial and recurrent training for turbo prop and technically advanced aircraft for pilots needing to meet insurance requirements.  The second focus is the SimPlex flight program which planned to offer quality training in King Air turbo prop aircraft for individuals wanting a career as a First Officer or  professional corporate pilot.

This extensive aviation background guarantees that SimServices can provide a unique and professional approach to its customers in consulting and support services.